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Vulkyn® brand of high temperature self-lubricating liner technology

roller bearings and rod bearing

NHBB's Vulkyn® brand of high temperature self-lubricating liner raises the maximum operating temperature of NHBB's high temp. solutions by 75°F. When tested to 700°F, Vulkyn® exhibits 0.006 in. of wear after approximately 150,000 cycles. At 570°F, the cycle count increases to 500,000 before wear reaches 0.006 in.

Vulkyn® is also eco-friendly. The compounds in the fabric and bonding agents currently comply with REACH, which is an important benefit to many of NHBB's customers who supply product to European OEM's.

Vulkyn® is ideal for both military and commercial aero engine applications in which bearings are exposed to sustained operating temperatures above 350°F.

For more information, please contact the Astro Division or your NHBB field sales engineer.