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Spherical Bearings


Astro Division

Spherical bearings from NHBB address the unique operating parameters faced by engineers in the aerospace, defense, and other high technology industries. We customize bearings to work outside the standard spectrum of load, temperature, fatigue resistance, and angular misalignment.

Our Astro Division developed the first liner system for spherical bearings that qualifies to the threshold of 100,000 cycles for bearing life (industry standard AS81820 Type 'A'). Our customized and standard bearings also include swaged, split ball, spit race, fracture race, snap assembled, and loader slot.

NHBB understands the importance of choosing materials to match your operating environment. We design bearings using cadmium-free stainless steel, titanium, Inconel® 718 (a nickel-chromium based super-alloy for high-temperature applications), and Stellite™ (cobalt and nickel-based alloy), in both metal-to-metal and self-lubricating PTFE-lined versions.

A longer lasting pitch control bearing system

With INVINSYS®, NHBB has established a new performance benchmark for rotary wing pitch control applications. This patent pending solution lasts up to two and a half times longer than previous designs tested under the same conditions. Learn more about NHBB’s INVINSYS® bearing system.

NMB Karuizawa, Japan

NHBB’s Astro Division is the North and South American sales representative for products manufactured by NMB's facility in Karuizawa, Japan, giving customers access to a global supply of high quality commercial aerospace parts.

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