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A durable and adaptable machinable, self-lubricating liner technology for bearings, flat surfaces, and complex assemblies

Oscimax Lined Bushing

Oscimax® is a uniquely advanced machinable, self-lubricating liner technology developed by NHBB to reduce wear, resist corrosion and moisture, and extend the operating life of bearings and related mechanical assemblies.

The patent-pending technology is a homogeneous formulation consisting of a proprietary matrix of thermosetting polymeric resins, PTFE, and various other compounds. Testing of this advanced formulation has demonstrated a performance breakthrough in self-lubricating liner technology.

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A Breakthrough in Performance

Wear resistance: Oscimax®’s unique selection of compounds and their composition has led to a breakthrough in wear-resistance and operating life for aircraft bearings and assemblies, especially in applications where overhaul can be prohibitively expensive. The technology tests better than any of NHBB’s fabric-based liners. Plus, it tests exceptionally well against other machinable self-lubricating liner solutions. Request the test results to see for yourself.

Corrosion and moisture resistance: Oscimax® is an excellent choice for harsh environments found in most aerospace applications. Unlike fabric-based liners, Oscimax® is not susceptible to moisture gain, offers superior corrosion resistance for liner substrates, and performs more consistently through temperature changes.

Machinability: With Oscimax®, the liner coating is fully machinable from surface to substrate using conventional drilling, honing, milling, reaming, and turning techniques, enabling customers to achieve exact tolerances, better fits, and superior performance of the bearing assembly.

Application versatility: Oscimax® can be applied to virtually any surface, including ID’s, OD’s, flanges, chamfers, and flat surfaces. Once applied, it produces a consistent, secure bond to most metallic surfaces while promoting higher dynamic loads and significantly reduced wear rates.

Design flexibility. Solutions involving Oscimax® evolve from customer concepts in which requirements and specifications are defined and developed collaboratively. The technology is available as an add-on to NHBB’s current products, including highly engineered custom assemblies, as well as to customer-supplied machined parts.

Many Potential Uses

Oscimax® is principally used as a self-lubricating liner and fretting barrier in wide array of jet engine and airframe subassemblies and subsystems, including:

How will it improve the performance of your application?

Because of its design flexibility and application versatility, Oscimax® is an ideal design solution for various issues related to wear, life, moisture, and corrosion. Contact the Astro Division to explore how Oscimax® could be integrated into your next project.

Current Approvals

Oscimax® XT is approved to the AS81934 (25,000 cycles) and it exceeds all aspects of AS81934’s performance requirements beyond 100,000 cycles, as demonstrated by tests conducted by an independent lab."

*The version of Oscimax® qualified to AS81934 is identified with the extension “XT.”

Future Developments

The development of Oscimax® is ongoing and will evolve to include alternative formulations that offer specific performance characteristics (e.g., low friction), as well as additional applications like an injection-molded self-lubricating liner for spherical bearings. Contact the Astro Division to receive an update about the many potential uses of Oscimax®.

Technical Data Sheets

Oscimax XT Tech Sheet
Oscimax XT
Oscimax XY Tech Sheet
Oscimax XY
Oscimax XZ Tech Sheet
Oscimax XZ
Oscimax XB Tech Sheet
Oscimax XB