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A longer lasting helicopter pitch link control bearing system


NHBB's innovative pitch control bearing technology establishes a new performance benchmark for rotary wing applications. The INVINSYS® bearing system consists of an enhanced self-lubricating liner paired with a specially coated ball that is engineered for superior wear resistance. This patent pending solution lasts up to two and a half times longer than previous designs tested under the same conditions. The significant performance advantage offered by INVINSYS® is helping to reduce maintenance and repair costs of helicopter pitch control systems.

Request the test data to see for yourself.

Tests reveal a remarkable performance advantage.

NHBB conducted over 30,000 hours of research and dynamic testing to achieve this breakthrough in performance. As a result, the INVINSYS® pitch link bearing system offers extremely low liner wear - .003 in. or less - over 1,500 hours. You won't find a better performing solution on the market.

Durable even in harsh environments.

INVINSYS® delivers extended operating life, even when exposed to harsh environments. The self-lubricating liner developed for INVINSYS® is highly resistant to moisture absorption as well as chemical attack. The entire system is also resistant to the high alkaline compounds found in most cleaning solutions, which are proven to shorten bearing life.

Fly INVINSYS® on existing or new programs.

INVINSYS® shares the same dimensional envelope as previous generations of pitch control bearing solutions, so you do not have to wait for a costly redesign of an existing platform to achieve extended operating life of rotary wing pitch link control systems. Gain a performance advantage on new platforms by specifying NHBB's INVINSYS® bearing system during the design development phase of your next project.

Developed by a trusted source for helicopter bearing solutions.

Building on NHBB's commitment to supporting the needs of its aerospace customers, the INVINSYS® rotary wing pitch control bearing system joins NHBB's complete line of bearing solutions for commercial and military helicopters.

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