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Standard Bearings and Customized Solutions

NHBB is a specialized manufacturer of precision miniature and instrument ball bearings, ball and roller bearings for aircraft engines, and specialized rod end and spherical bearings for diverse aircraft applications. Additionally, NHBB specializes in custom bearing design and manufacturing for the aerospace, medical, dental and high technology industries. Consult with our engineers as early as possible to take advantage of the most up-to-date developments in bearing technology for your design.

Our extensive product offering includes:

Ball Bearings

Miniature and instrument bearings, dental bearings, large diameter ball bearings, as well as torque tube and thin section (Thinex) bearings. Production standards as well as custom designs for aerospace, medical, dental and high tech industries.

Roller Bearings

Metric series cylindrical bearings with bore sizes from 10 mm to 200 mm principally for aircraft engine components, including mainshafts, gearboxes, and auxiliary power units.

Spherical Bearings

Swaged, loader slot, split ball, fractured race, snap assembled, split race, as well as custom designs for commercial and military aircraft, military ground assault vehicles and racecars.

Loader Slot Bearings

Plain and sealed spherical loader slot bearings and two-piece rod end loader slots for jet engine applications and flight control systems.

Rod End Bearings

Standard spherical two- and three-piece rod ends as well as loader slot and split ball designs for fixed wing and rotary aircraft, tanks and racecars.

Sleeve Bearings (Bushings)

Self-lubricating — flanged or plain — for high performance aerospace applications.

Airframe Control Bearings

A full range of products manufactured and inspected in accordance with Aerospace Standards AS7949.

Custom Bearings and Assemblies

Precision subassemblies for medical, dental and high tech applications, as well as complex ball and roller bearings, next-up assemblies and machined parts for aircraft systems.


A durable and adaptable machinable, self-lubricating liner technology for bearings, flat surfaces, and complex assemblies.


A longer lasting helicopter pitch link control bearing system.


This patented solution establishes a new performance threshold by raising the maximum operating temperature of NHBB's high temp. solutions by 75°F.