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Custom Bearings and Assemblies

Precision Subassemblies and Components

Precision Division & myonic USA


"NHBB possesses the knowledge and resources to machine and assemble precision subassemblies. Our ability to match stack-up tolerances helps you lower net manufacturing costs by eliminating part-by-part inspections. We also manufacture precision cylindrical components—including spacers and sleeves—to the highest standards in the industry, which helps you build a quality final assembly.

By partnering with NHBB, you can reduce your manufacturing time, improve product quality and reliability and enhance operational performance. There is also the outsourcing advantage of simplified purchasing and greater efficiency.

Contact the Precision Division and myonic USA to learn more.

Link Assemblies, Next-up Assemblies and Machined Parts

Astro Division

link assembly

The Astro Division designs and manufactures customized solutions, including link assemblies, next-up assemblies and machined parts. Our assemblies are used in fixed wing and rotary aircraft subsystems, including engine mounts, suspension systems, landing gear, flight control systems, and engine links. We fully support our customers' needs through comprehensive design engineering assistance, qualification testing in our R&D test lab, extensive in-house custom machining capabilities, and expert bearing installation.

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Customized Complex Ball and Roller Bearings

HiTech Division

complex bearing

NHBB offers customized solutions for aircraft jet engine applications that fulfill a broad range of performance and program requirements, including longer life, extreme temperatures, high speeds, corrosive conditions, reduced weight, easier installation, and cost. Our specially made solutions encompass such technological advances as exotic high-temperature alloys, case hardened rings, integral mounting flanges, puller grooves, anti-rotation notches, oil scavenge holes, and more. The careful selection of these special features is carried out by our applications engineers, who are specialists in aircraft bearing design and manufacturing. They are prepared to work closely with customers through every phase of the design development process.

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