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Ball Bearings

NHBB manufactures standard and custom designed ball bearing solutions for a myriad of aerospace, defense, dental, high tech, and medical applications. Our product lines feature inch and metric series ball bearings ranging in size from 0.1250 in. to 11 in. O.D.

The following product families are described below: miniature & instrument ball bearings , dental bearings, hybrid ceramic bearings, large aerospace ball bearings, and torque tube & thin section (Thinex) ball bearings.

Miniature & Instrument Bearings

ball bearing

This product line encompasses inch and metric series radial and angular contact ball bearings from 0.1250 in. to 1.8504 in. O.D. Optional features include flanges, shields and seals, extended inner rings, and modified dimensions. Duplex and super duplex constructions are also available.

Our high speed angular contact bearings operate comfortably at speeds above 500,000 rpm. Many alternatives exist for improving high speed performance and operating life, including premium bearing steels, ceramic balls, proprietary lubricants, and machined cages made from phenolic and Torlon ®.

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Dental Bearings

Dental Bearings

NHBB and myonic have joined together as Minebea subsidiaries to offer the industry’s widest selection of high quality dental bearings and assemblies. By combining not only our product offering but also our knowledge of and experience with the dental industry, our precision manufacturing practices, and our R&D efforts, NHBB and myonic are creating a new platform for delivering the best performing and longest lasting bearings available in the marketplace today.

Smooth, quiet and fully autoclavable, our full line of radial and angular contact dental bearings feature premium steels, tight dimension control and superior surface finishes. Design options include ceramic balls, proprietary lubricants, integral- and reduce-clearance shields, and machined retainers made from phenolic and Torlon®.

Are you a dental handpiece repair technician? Download our aftermarket brochure.

Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

If you want to extend bearing operational life, especially under conditions of marginal lubrication, consider specifying NHBB’s hybrid ceramic ball bearings.

NHBB’s precision, hybrid ceramic ball bearings are an excellent choice for high speed applications. A ceramic (silicon nitride) ball weighs less than a steel ball, is stiffer, and has a near-perfect geometry and superior surface finish. These properties enable a bearing to operate at higher speeds and reduced temperatures with less wear. Noise and vibration levels are also kept to a minimum. Furthermore, ceramic balls are corrosion resistant, nonmagnetic, and able to withstand repeated autoclaving, which makes hybrid ceramic ball bearings a good choice for medical and dental applications.

Did you know it’s possible to enhance corrosion resistance of a hybrid ceramic ball bearing by using ceramic balls in combination with a dry film lubricant on the ring and retainer components? Learn more about dry film lubricants.

Download the technical bulletin about NHBB’s hybrid ceramic ball bearings.

Large Ball Bearings for Aerospace Applications

HiTech Division

hitech bearings

Our large diameter precision ball bearings are engineered to perform in life-critical commercial and military aircraft applications. The line includes radial, angular contact, gothic arch, and fractured race construction types in sizes up to 11.024 in. O.D. Our customized solutions feature elements that satisfy a multitude of mounting and operating requirements. Options include special alloys, case hardened rings, extended housings, integral flanges, puller grooves, anti-rotation notches, oil scavenge holes, and more. Duplex and super duplex configurations are also available.

View examples of the nonstandard options available from NHBB.

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Thin Section (Thinex) & Torque Tube Bearings

HiTech Division & Precision Division

thin bearings

This group features bearings with thin rings, narrow cross sections, large bore diameters, and a large number of small diameter balls. They are used when bearing size and weight need to be kept to a minimum and when high accuracy, high stiffness (less deflection), and low friction are required. We manufacture radial, angular contact, and gothic arch versions in sizes ranging from 0.75 in. to 11.00 in. O.D. As always, custom solutions are available.

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