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Precision Division

Ultra-precision Ball Bearings, Precision Next-Level Assemblies, Airframe Control Bearings, Medium-Size Bearings (up to 3.0 in. OD)

Precision Division, Chatsworth, California

A valuable technical resource and preferred supplier to customers in the aerospace, defense, dental, and medical industries, NHBB's Precision Division is considered the leader in applying volume production methods to specialty, ultra-precision miniature and instrument (m&i) ball bearings as well as medium-size solutions up to 3.0 in. OD. Precision's strong product development and testing program, in addition to its advanced manufacturing technologies and process control systems, enable the division to supply customers with unique and cost-effective solutions, especially in high-speed and low-torque applications, without sacrificing precision and performance.

Please contact Precision's sales or engineering groups for assistance with your specific requirements.


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