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NHBB’s New Product Development Center (NPDC)

New Product Development Center

Companies seeking to enhance the performance of bearings and related mechanical subassemblies can now turn to NHBB’s NPDC for help. Established in 2011, the NPDC’s mission is to support the product development and testing needs of our key customers in the aerospace industry.

A Product Development Partner

From a project’s launch through post-production, the NPDC is strategically positioned to partner with customers throughout the product development process. Such complete and sustained engagement enables NHBB to identify and develop the ideal solution to customers’ motion control needs.

Analyzing Industry Trends

The NPDC pays close attention to technological trends, because the newest exotic material, specialized coating, or proprietary lubricant could lead to a breakthrough in performance. When a promising new solution comes along, the NPDC will work closely with specialized suppliers to integrate the innovation into new bearing designs.

Product Testing Continues

For many years, NHBB’s Astro Division has provided performance validation testing in order to substantiate customers’ bearing life and strength requirements. This test capability is now available through the NPDC.

Contact NHBB to inquire about involving the NPDC in your next R&S or rolling element product development and testing project.