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myonic usa

Ultraprecision Miniature Ball Bearings and Mechanical Assemblies

myonic specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing highly engineered solutions for global leaders in the dental, medical, and aerospace markets. Working closely with customers, myonic finds solutions at the limits of what is technologically possible.

myonic's success is derived from the capabilities, efficiency, and expertise of its staff, as well as from its commitment to quality and service.

myonic joined the Minebea Group of Companies in 2009 and has since been integrated into the NHBB/myonic business unit. myonic's products are sold in the US by myonic USA, a division of NHBB.

myonic's Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to ISO 9001 and its Environmental Management System (EMS) is certified to ISO 14001. Download certificates here.

Learn more about myonic at www.myonic.com.

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