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NHBB Divisions and Business Partnerships

New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc. (NHBB) and its affiliated MinebeaMitsumi Group businesses in the United States and Europe operate nine specialized precision manufacturing facilities and employ more than 2,500 workers. Each location holds essential quality and environmental certifications and contains resources devoted to new product development and testing. The individual manufacturing divisions and businesses in the US and Europe are summarized below.


Astro Division - Laconia, NH USA

Astro is a leading manufacturer of rod end and spherical bearings, next-up assemblies, and machined parts and a preferred supplier to many US and European customers in the commercial and military aerospace and defense industries.

Learn more about the Astro Division.

HiTech Division - Peterborough, NH USA

HiTech is a specialized manufacturer of large ball and cylindrical roller bearings for aero engine systems and components and a trusted supplier to customers in the commercial and military aerospace industry.

Learn more about the HiTech Division.

Precision Division - Chatsworth, CA USA

Precision is the leading domestic manufacturer of precision miniature & instrument ball bearings, airframe control bearings, and mechanical subassemblies and a key supplier to customers in the commercial and military aerospace, missile defense, medical, dental, and high tech industrial markets.

Learn more about the Precision Division.

myonic USA - Chatsworth, CA USA / myonic GmbH - Leutkirch, Germany & Roznov, Czech Republic

A division of NHBB, myonic USA is the North American sales arm of myonic GmbH, a specialized manufacturer of ultra precision miniature ball bearings and mechanical assemblies for customers in the aerospace, defense, dental, and medical markets.

Learn more about myonic USA and myonic GmbH.

CEROBEAR GmbH - Herzogenrath, Germany

CEROBEAR is the world's leading specialized manufacturer of ceramic and hybrid ceramic bearings for the aerospace, defense, food and beverage packaging, fluid machinery, motor racing, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment industries.

Learn more about CEROBEAR GmbH.
C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. Headquarters, Churubusco, Indiana

C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. - Churubusco, IN USA

C&A Tool Engineering, Inc. is a premier national and international contract manufacturer that provides customized solutions to top OEM’s in the aerospace, medical, transportation, and many other high tech industrial markets. C&A also manufactures surgical implants and instruments for spine, knee, and hip applications.

Learn more about the advanced manufacturing capabilities of C&A Tool Engineering.

New Product Development Center (NPDC) - Laconia, NH / Peterborough, NH / Chatsworth, CA

The NPDC's mission is to support the product development and testing needs of customers in the aerospace, defense, dental, and medical industries.

Learn more about the NPDC

MinebeaMitsumi Group Companies

NHBB, myonic, CEROBEAR and C&A are all part of the MinebeaMitsumi Group of Companies, the world's leading vertically integrated manufacturer of miniature ball bearings and high-precision components.

NHBB's HiTech and Precision Divisions are part of the NHBB/myonic Business Unit along with myonic GmbH, CEROBEAR GmbH, and C&A Tool Engineering, Inc.

The Astro Division is part of MinebeaMitsumi's Rod End and Fastener Business Unit (RFBU) along with four other manufacturing divisions in the United Kingdom and Asia.

The New Product Development Center (NPDC) is a part of the NHBB/myonic Business Unit and is also responsible for supporting customers of the Astro Division and its business partners in the Rod End and Fastener Business Unit (RFBU).

Global Family of Aerospace Companies

NHBB is an integral part of the MinebeaMitsumi Group of companies, a global family of aerospace manufacturers that is utilizing its high-precision, advanced manufacturing platform to deliver a wide assortment of bearings, fasteners and machined components to the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers. Learn more.