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Ceramic and hybrid ceramic rolling element bearings


CEROBEAR is the world's leading specialized manufacturer of ceramic and hybrid ceramic bearings for the aerospace, defense, food and beverage packaging, fluid machinery, motor racing, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment industries.

The company is committed to helping customers overcome extreme requirements for bearing performance through the application of advanced ceramic technology. In fact, every bearing made by CEROBEAR contains at least one ceramic component.

CEROBEAR operates an impeccable 26,000 sq ft (2400 m2) facility with state-of-the-art production, metrology, and testing equipment. Races, rolling elements, and cages are manufactured in-house by mastered production technologies such as ultraprecision hard turning, grinding, and five-axis milling. The company's core competencies include:


CEROBEAR's advanced ceramic bearing technology results in improved reliability and lifetime under extreme requirements and applications. Based on the outstanding chemical stability of the materials, seizure, fretting, cold welding, or adhesive wear between the rolling elements and raceways is impossible, even in "oil-off" situations.

CEROBEAR's product line includes customized ceramic and hybrid ceramic ball and roller bearings in dimensions ranging from 0.2 in. (5mm) bore to 16.5 in. (420mm) outer diameter:

CEROBEAR ceramic bearings are made from silicon nitride or zirconia ceramics. They provide outstanding corrosion resistance, dry-running capabilities, have 60% reduced weight compared to steel bearings, and are nonmagnetic.

CEROBEAR hybrid ceramic bearings feature races made from high performance corrosion- and heat-resistant steel and silicon nitride rolling elements. Compared to conventional steel bearings, they operate at higher speeds, generate lower friction, and need less lubrication.

Even though CEROBEAR has developed some of the most advanced rolling bearing technology available today, its engineers are always looking to innovate bearing design, material, and performance. Every year, CEROBEAR spends more than 10% of its revenues on research and development projects.


CEROBEAR is committed to the highest quality standards, continuous quality improvement, and environmental sustainability, which is reflected in the following certifications:

For more information, visit cerobear.com.