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Letter to all Peterborough employees from NHBB’s President Gary Yomantas

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Date: February 11, 2014

Subject: Peterborough Accident

As you all know, our facility in Peterborough was devastated by the worst industrial accident that I have known about since I have worked for this organization. All of us here at the Chatsworth Corporate Headquarters share in your shock and dismay about this accident. Our primary concern is for the well being of our employees. We are grateful that there were not more injuries, and that for the most part, the injuries sustained were not severe. However, two of our employees were seriously injured and are still in the hospital. We have been in contact with their families to offer our full support. Our hearts go out to them during this difficult time.

I am actively engaged in the investigation of this accident. We are deploying all available resources and are working closely with the local and state fire departments, and officials from OSHA, New Hampshire Dept of Environmental Services, and other local, State, and Federal agencies. It may be some time before we fully understand the cause of the accident.

I have worked for NHBB and Minebea Group for more than 40 years and never have we experienced such a catastrophic accident. I credit this record with the fact that we have always taken safety very seriously and put the safety and well being of our employees first. I want to assure you that while we are working diligently to restart operations, and to get all employees back to work, no one will start work until we are confident, without any doubt, that the work environment is safe. Until that time, the company will pay every employee prevented from working due to plant shut down or limited operations their normal base wages. As we ramp up operations, employees will be called back as quickly as possible - this may mean working in their own areas or to support other departments.

Stacie Woodaman (extension 5412) and Emma Johnson (extension 5632) will continue to be your primary resources for information on the status of the operations. Please contact them or your manager if you have any questions.

I am very proud of the way our management and employees have responded during this crisis. I appreciate your continued cooperation and patience over the coming days as we attempt to repair the damage to our facility and re-establish operations.

Best regards,

Gary Yomantas

P.S. A statement was issued on Tuesday and has been posted on our website at nhbb.com. We will continue to update this site as information becomes available.