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myonic GmbH Purchases Assets of Austrian Bearing Company APB

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May 7, 2013 (Chatsworth, CA) - myonic GmbH, a Minebea company and close business partner of NHBB, has purchased the assets of APB Service GmbH (APB), a bearing manufacturer and trading company headquartered in Ebensee, Austria.

Based in Leutkirch, Germany, myonic has been a part of Minebea’s NHBB/myonic Business Unit since 2009. myonic manufactures precision miniature ball bearings and highly engineered mechanical subassemblies for customers in the medical, dental, high tech, industrial, and aerospace markets. In the US, its products are marketed by myonic usa, a division of NHBB.

The strategic acquisition of APB expands myonic’s product mix and opens up an entirely new market to the highly specialized manufacturer. APB manufactures AX turntable precision bearings for the machine tool industry as well as engineered solutions for rolling mills, gear boxes, and general machinery. The company also operates as a trading company engaged in the business of supplying axial-radial roller bearings, screw drive bearings, multi-row roller bearings, and customized bearing products to the local Austrian market.

myonic is also gaining significant capabilities through the acquisition. APB’s manufacturing capabilities bring new bearing technology to the NHBB/myonic Business Unit in the form of high precision axial/radial roller bearings and larger sizes (up to 800 mm diameter) as well as new processes. APB possesses a strong management team with the motivation to follow growth strategy as well as swift and proven market penetration capabilities. Its strong customer focus and maximum flexibility has given APB a permanent competitive advantage.

myonic plans to transfer the production of AX bearings to its headquarters in Leutkirch, Germany, where it just completed the construction of a new 21,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, and establish a new company in Austria, which will manage the trading company activities of APB.

For more information, please contact Dan Lemieux, NHBB's Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. (860) 563-4460. dlemieux@nhbb.com