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Q&A with Dick Ray
Introducing Oscimax® Self-lubricating Liner Technology

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Q&A with Dick Ray

Oscimax Group

February 25, 2013 (Laconia, NH) - Dick Ray is NHBB’s director of applications engineering and new product development. He oversees the activities of the New Product Development Center (NPDC), the division responsible for developing Oscimax®. Here, he answers some commonly asked questions about this latest innovation.

What is Oscimax®? Oscimax® is a uniquely advanced self-lubricating liner technology that consists of a proprietary matrix of thermosetting polymeric resins, PTFE, and various other scientifically developed compounds. The technology is applied as a homogeneous layer that is machinable from surface to substrate.

Where is Oscimax® used? Can it be used as a fretting barrier? The patent-pending technology is used primarily as a self-lubricating liner in a wide range of bearing assemblies found in airframe and engine subsystems, including engine controls, thrust reversers, wing surface controls, VGV systems, and flight control systems. Due to its superior wear resistance and adaptability, Oscimax can also be used as a fretting barrier in many of these same applications.

To what surfaces can Oscimax® be applied? Is the liner fully machinable? Oscimax® can be applied to virtually any surface, including bore, O.D., flange, chamfer, and flat surface. Once applied, it promotes higher dynamic loads and significantly reduced wear rates. Oscimax® is fully machinable using conventional manufacturing techniques, enabling customers to achieve exact tolerances, better fits, and superior performance of the bearing assembly.

What is the rated life of Oscimax®? How does it compare to other machinable liner solutions? It is difficult to delineate the operating life expectancy of bearings and related mechanical assemblies containing Oscimax® without first evaluating the specific performance requirements of an actual application. Having said that, test results repeatedly demonstrate that Oscimax® represents a breakthrough in wear resistance and operating life for aircraft bearings and assemblies. Independent lab testing has confirmed that Oscimax® XT, the version qualified to AS81934, exceeds all performance requirements of this standard beyond 100,000 cycles. Also, tests conducted by the NPDC at ambient temperature without contaminants have resulted in liner wear-rates under .004 inches at approximately one million cycles.

How does Oscimax® react when exposed to contaminants? Oscimax® is an excellent choice for harsh environments containing moisture and corrosive oils and chemicals. Unlike fabric-based liners, Oscimax® is not susceptible to moisture gain, offers superior corrosion resistance for liner substrates, and performs more consistently through temperature changes.

Does NHBB plan to introduce different versions of Oscimax®, including an injection-molded liner for spherical bearings? Yes. Oscimax® will evolve to include alternative formulations that offer specific performance characteristics, such as low friction or high temperature. As for spherical bearings lined with Oscimax®, our goal is to develop and introduce an injection molded self-lubricating liner (IML) solution by late 2013.

Customers interested in specifying Oscimax® on their next project should contact the product engineering group at the Astro Division.

Visit oscimax.com to learn more.