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NHBB's Key Markets and Applications

NHBB supports customers in select technology industries in which bearing fit and performance are vitally important. For any given set of application challenges–whether it's long life, heavy loads, extreme speeds, limited space, patient comfort, life-critical performance, simplified assembly, or any combination of these critical variables–NHBB is dedicated to helping customers select and design the right bearing solution for their needs. NHBB's bearing design and production capabilities are aligned with the various industry-specific applications described below.


Commercial and Military Aircraft

The global aerospace industry is NHBB's largest market, thus the company's product design and production processes are highly attuned to the needs of aircraft manufacturers and their customers. NHBB's products and solutions are found in nearly every facet of fixed-wing aircraft, including APUs, airframe control systems, avionics, gearboxes, hatches and exits, jet engine systems and components, landing gear assemblies, and radar systems.


Aero Engines

NHBB has earned the trust of US and European engine manufacturers by supplying highly engineered precision bearing solutions that operate reliably within the high speed and extreme temperature tolerance requirements of aircraft engine applications. The various engine systems in which NHBB's products are found include APUs, engine mounts, gearboxes, hot air valves, linkages, mainshafts, and variable stator vanes.



NHBB has amassed significant bearing engineering expertise related specifically to helicopter subsystems. This specialized knowledge, coupled with sustained investments in product development, enables the company to assist customers with solving complex design issues related to avionics, airframe control systems, engines, landing gear, main and tail rotor systems, pitch link controls, swash plates, and weapon systems.



NHBB was founded with the purpose of improving methods for manufacturing precision miniature ball bearings. The company's success in carrying out this mission first caught the attention of the defense industry, which quickly became one of the largest markets of this fledging company. Today, defense applications require even greater precision and fail-safe performance. That's exactly why NHBB is still called upon by military subcontractors to design bearing solutions for diverse defense industry applications like drones and UAVs, fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, missile systems, satellite guidance technology, tanks, and weapon systems.

dental grouping


NHBB has partnered with Minebea Group subsidiary myonic GmbH to offer the industry's most comprehensive offering of high quality dental handpiece bearings and assemblies. Together, NHBB and myonic are approved sources for just about every major handpiece manufacturer in the world today. The partnership's broad product offering supports everything that is needed in high speed handpiece performance: precise fit, exceptionally smooth and quiet performance, autoclave resistance, and longer life.

dental grouping


NHBB and myonic GmbH have also partnered in order to support the advanced technology needs of medical device OEMs in the US and Europe. NHBB and myonic share a commitment to delivering increased value through a constant focus on customer-centered innovation, rigorous machining standards, and responsive customer service. Products featuring the latest in bearing and material technology are used in analyzers, blood pumps, cardiovascular devices, centrifuges, diagnostic equipment, radio-surgery technology, surgical drills and surgical robots.


High Technology Industries

Throughout its existence, NHBB has participated in the development of new products and solutions for emerging technologies. High tech manufacturers continue to call on NHBB to develop new and improved bearing solutions for a wide range of new applications. The latest examples include mechatronic components, miniature electric motors, robotics, and wireless communications. With its broad range of products, NHBB is in a position to help customers in emerging high tech industries to select the right bearing solution and optimize bearing performance.



Today's racecars push the performance envelope much the way defense systems do. NHBB's expertise in aerospace bearings, and strict quality control standards, enables us to meet the challenging requirements of strength, durability and consistent performance.