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NHBB’s Energy Management Plan

A message from the President of NHBB

Energy management is at the core of our strategy to achieve sustainability because it is so vital to our long term health. Rapid economic growth, especially in the developing world, is expected to increase global energy consumption 40% by 2035. The expected increase in energy costs and the potential for supply disruptions compels us to identify and implement aggressive energy efficiency improvements.

In keeping with our Energy Management Policy, we have established the goal of reducing our C02eq emissions 5% by 2015, using 2010 as a baseline.* We have chosen C02eq as our proxy for energy use because it reflects our energy footprint and also captures additional sustainability criteria.

In order to achieve this goal, our energy management committee will:

Because energy use is such an important business metric, progress towards reaching our goal will be reviewed by my executive staff on a quarterly basis. I look forward to keeping you informed as we continue on our journey.

*The emissions data shall be normalized to sales dollars in order to account for the anticipated increase in business.

Review NHBB’s Energy Management Policy.

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